Lesson 2

A Work In Process: Improving Play a Dough Process

Get the Creative Juices Flowing / Kindergarten / West Palm Beach, FL

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - A Work In Process: Improving a Play Dough Process, L2

Students think like chemical engineers as they perform product research related to a new juice being created by the Creative Juices Company.

Reflection Questions

What pre-literacy strategies to you see Lori using during this lesson?

Lori uses drawings to help her children identify the shape and color of strawberries and oranges; she has students come to the board to make their own tally marks on a large graph, and enlarges a worksheet so that the class can follow along as she fills it out.

  • To help her students come up with color suggestions for strawberry-orange juice, she draws a picture of each fruit on the white board. (3:22)
  • Lori has students keep track of their color choices by filling in a tally chart on the board. (7:02)
  • Lori enlarges the Research Report worksheet from the guide to poster size, and clearly fills in the results with the class. (13:09)

What does Lori do to make the content of the recorded message from the Creative Juices Company more accessible to her very young students?

Lori stops the tape frequently to explain what Jenny said. She repeats important ideas in her own words and reviews vocabulary that may be new to her students.

  • After as few sentences on the tape, Lori turns it off and explains what the Creative Juices Company is and what they make. (1:37)
  • Right after Jenny explains the problem, Lori turns off the tape and asks her students, “What does she want you to do?” (2:19)
  • After finishing the tape, Lori summarizes all the important content one more time. (3:08)