Lesson 4
Part 1

Lighten Up: Designing Lighting Systems

Designing a Lighting System (1) / Grade 5 / Fall River, MA

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Lighten Up: Designing Lighting Systems , L4P1

Students apply their knowledge of light and optical engineering as they imagine, plan, create, test, and improve their own lighting systems. 

Reflection Questions

What evidence do you see that Jessica has spent time building and reinforcing the norms and expectations for group work?

Jessica’s students cooperate well on tasks and give each other constructive feedback when disagreeing.

  • When filling out Ask! {4-3} in groups, all students contribute ideas, share, and listen to each other with respect. (3:32)
  • Each group seems to rotate which member will be the recorder. (3:44, 3:50, and 3:58)
  • Students disagree respectfully when discussing what to buy and where to place mirrors within the tomb. (5:08-5:47, 6:32-7:20)

Jessica includes the cost variable in her final scoring sheet (Version A). How does this variable add value to the design challenge?

Inclusion of the cost variable adds a new constraint to the task, making it more challenging in several ways. 

  • Inclusion of the cost variable provides a very concrete indicator of success. (4:16)
  • Adding the cost variable provides added incentive for students to consider how they can use the fewest number of materials to achieve the goal. (5:21)
  • When calculating cost, students are given additional opportunities to practice mathematics and computational thinking. (5:30)